Office Address

150 West End Lane, London,
United Kingdom, NW6 1SD

Internal Crypto rates
  • Bitcoin$ 4000.00
  • Litecoin$ 50.00
  • Ethereum$ 130.00
  • Bitcoin cash$ 150.00

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frquently Asked Questions is an online investment company. It offers all kinds of professional financial and investment services and support to clients throughout the world.
To make an investment you must first become a member of Once you are registered, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the member area. All investors must be at least minimum legal age in their country to be able to open an account. In most countries, the minimum age is 18 years. You may be our investor regardless of the country of residence, if this activity does not contradict your home legislation.
It is very easy to register in You can simply click on the "Register" button on the top or click here to register. It is absolutely free. Please read our Terms & Conditions before registering.
We offering 4 plans that you can see in the home page.
The minimum investment amount is only $20 and the maximum amount is $50000 for Coin-Alpha plan.The minimum investment amount is only $100 and the maximum amount is $1500 for Coin-Delta plan.The minimum investment amount is only $1501 and the maximum amount is $6000 for Coin-Sigma plan.The minimum investment amount is $6001 and the maximum amount is $100000 for Coin-Omega plan.
Currently we accept PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitocincash .
Click on "Withdraw" in your member panel. Follow the instructions. Make sure you have entered your receiving processor account in Wallet accounts in Edit profile page before requesting withdrawal.
You can create a request for withdrawal of any amount that is equal to or greater than 1 dollars except for bitcoin,Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitocincash where minimum is 4 dollars.
Withdrawal requests are processed manually and can take upto 48 hours.
Please go to Reset Password page to reset your password
Please go to Security page in member panel. You can find various security options like "Secondary Password, "TwoFa", "Security Question/Answer" etc.
You cannot change email.
Yes we do. For direct referrals you will get 5% interest on the amount deposited by the referral. For second level referral you will get 3% & for third level referral you will get 2% referral commission
No, we do not have any representative program.
Please login to member panel and go to Referrals page. You can also find your referral link in dashboard.
You do not need to have an active investment in order to participate in the referral program. Anyone registered our site can start benefiting immediately from participating in our referral program by referring others. Referral commissions are paid to referring party when referred party makes an investment deposit.
If you have not registered yet, you can go to Contact us page and submit your query to us. If you have already registered, you can go to Tickets page in member panel and click on "Create Ticket" to write your message. You will get a reply as soon as possible.
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    If you deposit, your deposit will work on an ongoing basis, and make profit every day with the ability to withdraw profit. This proposal would be interesting not only for beginners of online investment operation, but also for experienced online investors. Join our company today and start making high profits!

  • Earn great referrals

    When you refer your family, friends and other community members to Corporation Limited, you are entitled to 5% on every deposit made by your downline. For second level , you will receive 3% affiliate commission and for third level you will get 2% affiliate commission.